Grow your wealth,
mighty Buffalo
Be deliberate and steady with your investments.

What is the Secret of the Buffalo

The mighty buffalo is deliberate and steady, waiting all day for the hot African sun to pass. It steadily grows and protects its herd, knowing its strength and future are in its numbers. Our lesson is that it's important to leave your investment for a long period of time - so it can grow.
What's in it for you?
  • You'll learn to understand why you have to invest to increase your assets.
  • Understanding the power of compound interest.
  • Find out how to list and explain the four financial options to save money.
  • Know your rights when dealing with investment brokers and products.

Your job is to choose the investments that suit you, and to stick to them. If you leave your investment for a long period of time, the investment not only grows each year, but grows exponentially. This means that you not only earn interest on your initial investment, but that the interest gets added each month or year to the initial amount, and you earn interest on that interest as well.

The Secret of the Buffalo
Investing decision tree

Life stage

Decide what stage of life you are in and what stage you are moving towards.


Decide the type of portfolio you want. As you move through life, the portfolio will change until retirement.

Construct the portfolio

Note that none of the three points mentioned buying or selling shares, or what type. This is because what you buy and sell is a direct reflection of what you decide in steps one and two.

The Secret of the Buffalo
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We answer some frequently asked questions.

    • Buffalo form really big herds, some of the biggest in nature. A single herd can consist of over 450 animals! This gives the buffalo a great deal of protection.
    • Buffalo have no natural enemies except lions, and lions are actually pretty scared of them in a herd. Hyenas and leopards may occasionally attack the young, but they don’t take on the herd. Lions often come off second best when they attack the herd.
    • The buffalo knows its wealth and strength is its family. Even though building a large herd takes a great deal of patience, it pays off in the end.
    • Buffalo can inspire you to grow your wealth patiently. You can be inspired to protect your assets using the combined strength of an insurer